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Klarna (iOS, Android)

Role: software development, collaboration

Klarna App performance measurement infrastructure including React Native components, App Performance Dashboard (React App + NodeJS backend) and Measurement Automation (Appium, Node JS, Bash and Ruby scripting)


  • React Native (iOS, Android)

  • React + NextJS

  • NodeJS

  • Typescript, Javascript

2022-05-06 13.13.44.jpg

Collaborative Group Chat

(iOS, Android)

Role: team leader, collaboration


Collaboration tool for group communication (similar to Slack) with video chats, rich media news, and geoposition sharing.



  • iOS: ObjectiveC, Core Data, Restkit

  • Android: Kotlin, Java, RealmDB


Insurance Claim Registration


Role: collaboration


App that provides workflow for registering and reporting insurance cases.


Technologies: Swift, Core Data, Combine, PSPDFKit, TPPDFKit



(iOS, Android)

Role: team leader, collaboration


Digital blockchain based bank for providing financial services and contactless payments in Africa.



  • iOS: Swift, Core Data, RxSwift, ObjectMapper, Alamofire

  • Android: Kotlin, Room


Smart Access System

(iOS, Android + Web)

Role: team leader, collaboration


The suite of Web and native (iOS Android) apps for providing door access and infrastructure management within Smart Lock system in a building.



  • iOS + Android: React Native, Javascript, Typescript, Redux (redux-thunk middleware), React Native Paper

  • Web: ReactJS, Javascript, Typescript, Redux (redux-saga middleware), Material UI

  • Backend (prototype): NodeJS, Javascript

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Motorcycle Bluetooth Configuration

(iOS, Android)

Role: collaboration


Allows remote bike engine setup and turn-by-turn navigation system control using Bluetooth connection.



  • iOS: Swift, Core Bluetooth, Core Data, Alamofire

  • Android: Kotlin, RxBluetooth, Room

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